Freyssinet is part of the Soletanche Freyssinet Group, which has an unrivalled reputation in the field of specialised civil engineering - a world leader in the soils, structures and nuclear sectors. Organised in geographical zones spanning five continents, we operate in more than 100 bases with strong local roots.

Our ultimate parent, Vinci Group, is a global player in concessions and construction, with over 185,000 employees and turnover exceeding €38 billion.

Eugene Freyssinet was an instinctive engineer, as he said himself “I was born a builder”. Very much a man of his time, he brought innovation combined with a pragmatic entrepreneurial approach to an austere post war construction industry.

Société Technique pour l’Utilisation de la Precontrainte (STUP), first known as Freyssinet, was born out of Edme Campenon’s determination to develop Mr Freyssinet’s processes.

The company was then built around the concept of prestressing and developed new technologies, such as flat jacks, prestressing tendons made of 12 strands, concrete cone anchoring and tensioning jacks. STUP covered all business areas re