Remedial Engineering



Dams, reservoirs, water towers, treatment plants, aqueducts and pipelines.

The delivery of safe, secure water supplies and the effective treatment of waste water is essential for public health.

Our water sector clients are constantly challenged by the increasingly competing demands of climate change, population increase and ageing infrastructure.

Freyssinet provides repair, strengthening and protection services to ensure that new and existing water infrastructures are well positioned to meet these demands at an acceptable cost to the broader community.

Working on water infrastructure is by nature complex due to isolation, bypass and confined space issues. Thanks to extensive experience, Freyssinet’s teams understand the operational requirements of water utilities and can effectively plan and manage projects in these environments.

Our whole-of-life value for money solutions approach is perfectly suited to the water sector, where taking infrastructure offline can come at a substantial cost to the asset owner.

We collaborate with our clients to tailor solutions that enhance their infrastructure durability to ensure long-term performance.