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Nowra Bridge - NSW

Nowra Bridge - NSW

1 Nov 2021

Freyssinet Australia is proud to be part of the Nowra Bridge project for Transport for NSW as a specialist partner for Fulton Hogan.

The new Nowra Bridge is being built using an #incremental launching technique where Freyssinet are supplying specialist services and bridge elements to the project including our Freyssinet C Range PT system. The project is progressing well and the bridge is almost halfway completed with the latest segment being successfully launched in record time.

Each bridge segment is built on the Southern foreshore before being launched north across the Shoalhaven River using hydraulic jacks and specialist launching equipment.

Side guides on some of the piers keep the bridge straight during launching and these have been installed using Freyssinet patented #Freyssibars.

Part of Freyssinet’s scope on the project also includes the supply and installation of specialist bridge #bearings that allow the launching to take place over the permanent bearings for the bridge. Many of these have already been installed.

When combined with Freyssinet TfNSW approved S Range PT system and CU couplers also being utilised on the project, the Nowra Bridge clearly demonstrates Freyssinet’s capabilities and added value on what is to become another landmark Structure to the local community and the NSW South coast.

Congratulations to all involved! 👏👏