Civil Engineering

Design Capabilities

Design Capabilities

A pioneer in prestressing, Freyssinet offers a cutting edge post-tensioning system combining performance and durability.

Freyssinet’s technical services design anchors, jacks and installation equipment, and operate a laboratory and test centre for the formulation of grouts.

Freyssinet's type multi and monostrand post-tensioning anchors have been proven in structures worldwide in accordance with the most stringent requirements:

  • Commercial buildings.
  • Residential buildings.

Freyssinet’s in-house engineering department is recognised as the most innovative for design alternatives. Our expertise ensures optimal material quantities and respect of functional constraints, such as deflection control. Slab post-tensioning is a “sustainable technology” with a reduced carbon footprint, and we pride ourselves on having a growing number of Green Star projects.

Freyssinet has developed an optimised solution for every application. Our design teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will be able to help you design your next project with our optimised solution for every application.