Woronora Pipeline Repair Works

Sydney Water
Sydney NSW
Jun 2019 to Dec 2019

Woronora Pipeline Repair Works


Woronora Pipeline was a 30km project that stretched from Woronora Dam to Oatley at its most northern point. The pipeline provided the only route for water to leave the dam to provide water to south Sydney and was the only means of water for the town of Helensburgh.

The project was a repair and upgrade job with multiple aspects to it, so all of types of workers and suppliers had to be utilised. The major work for the project was the replacement of 98 of the saddles (pipe supports). 15 joints were also recoated and then clamped to prevent leaks. 4 separate locations totalling a length of approximately 40m were blasted and painted. The last major task was to encase 8 separate locations in concrete to help stabilise the pipe and protect it from water ponding issues and to extend existing encasements.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet was the head contractor on the project.
All the work was achieved almost solely by Freyssinet and our suppliers.
The new saddle supports were a patented Freyssinet design and impressed the client with their strength, appearance and ease of install.
A major safety and environmental concern of Sydney Water’s was getting concrete into the National Park without impacting the area. Freyssinet’s supplier Baines achieved this when all other suppliers said the situation was unsafe or too costly.
Freyssinet and Sydney Water agreed to postpone 30 saddle installs as this involved welding hot works during the current bushfire season; all parties realised the work wasn’t critical and it was smarter to wait for a safer time to finish the works, with Freyssinet using their new Mobile Site Office Trailer.
The team recorded zero incidents on site and passed all client compliance audits.