KCT Dump Station CP & Concrete Repairs

Port Waratah Coal Services
Newcastle NSW
Oct 2016 to Sep 2017

KCT Dump Station CP & Concrete Repairs


Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) operates coal loading terminals at Kooragang Island (KCT) and Carrington (CCT). KCT consists of four rail dump stations. Dump station 1 at KCT was constructed as part of the PWCS Stage 1 project in the early 1980s. Dump station 1 has operated continuously since construction.


Key Aspects: 
Concrete repair to delaminated or spalled regions of basement wall and feeder for seal wall joints with polyurethane.
Installation of anodes for impressed current cathodic protection at entire area of basement wall, to the feeder floor level.
Seal wall joints (up to 3m from feeder floor level) and feeder level eastern wall (up to 5m from floor level).
153m2 of CP concrete repair (hydro demolition and shotcrete); 120m2 of non-CP concrete repair (hydro demolition and shotcrete); and 200lm of crack repairs (Polyurethane).
High risk environment with trains, conveyors belts, and high risk works with hydro demolition.
Dark, dusty, noisy, humid and hot environment.
Staged work to allow permanent access to the maintenance team.
Manual handling of debris to bring up to ground floor, with the usage of 1m3 bin on wheels, lifted through a roof opening using a franna crane.