Eastwood Culvert Concrete Repairs

City of Ryde
Sydney NSW
Lindsay and Dynan
Apr 2017 to Jun 2017

Eastwood Culvert Concrete Repairs


Freyssinet Australia has been engaged by Ryde City Council to carry out concrete repair works to the north cell of the existing culvert which runs along the underside of above roads (Progress Avenue). The culvert was used as part of the rainwater catchment system in the region and was subject to flash flooding. The culvert’s soffit was subject to delaminated concrete and failed steel work in patch areas across the entire length of the culvert which was close to 200LM.

Freyssinet was previously engaged to repair the south cell of the existing culvert, so these works were considered ‘stage 2’.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet Australia was responsible for completing concrete repairs to the north cell culvert in accordance with the contract and specifications.
Works included working in a confined space, completing survey assessment of delaminated concrete, hydro demolition to delaminated concrete walls / soffit areas, steel augmentation based on approved design, installation of sacrificial anodes and guncrete works to repair areas.
Other miscellaneous works included setting up an access platform to the culvert and installing a safety catch netting at the far end of the culvert.
Freyssinet completed the following: o 65m2 of defective concrete surface area removed and replaced o 200LM of steel augmentation o Silane application to new guncrete