Warringah Aquatic Centre Roof Remedial Works Stage 1

Warringah Council
Warringah NSW
Geoff Ninnes Fong and Partners Pty Ltd
Apr 2012 to May 2012

Warringah Aquatic Centre Roof Remedial Works Stage 1


Freyssinet Australia was contracted by Warringah Council for the remedial works to the concrete roof structure and acoustic panel supports (which are suspended from the underside) of Warringah Aquatic Centre. The roof structure consisted of large precast, post tensioned concrete beams spanning approximately 47m across the 50m main pool and diving pool. The skylight hobs were 75mm wide by 120mm high and showed signs of drummy concrete.

Acoustic panels were hanging from those hobs with steel hangers that required replacement as a result of corrosion. Works had to be done during a shutdown period with pools kept full. Skylights had to be taken out to provide workplace access but it was essential that no rain would enter the pools. Our site crew had to make provision to cover any openings during periods of rainy weather. Works were completed ahead of time which allowed Warringah Council to do more remediation works on the roof.


Key Aspects: 
Removal of cracked and defective sections of concrete hobs with damage of category 2, 3, and 4.
Reinstatement of skylight hob sections.
Sealing of construction joints to prevent any leakage of water.
Repair of exposed reinforcement, spalling, holes and honeycombed concrete.
Replacement of corroded hangers supporting acoustic panels
Application of Silane and Anti – Carbonation coatings
Most of the works were performed using access from the roof. Some sections were also accessed from below using small boom lifts. Freyssinet Australia also used rope access personnel to access some sections of the hobs.