West Swanson Dock

Port of Melbourne Corporation
Port of Melbourne VIC
Aug 2006 to Mar 2008

West Swanson Dock


West Swanson Dock is a marine terminal situated within the Port of Melbourne. It is a 980m long reinforced concrete wharf and comprises four shipping berths. The terminal is operated by DP World and is owned by the Port of Melbourne Corporation. Due to its age and surrounding environment the supporting concrete crosshead beams, steel piles and sheet pile wall have begun to deteriorate.

Freyssinet Australia was engaged on a ‘design & construct’ contract by Port of Melbourne Corporation to undertake remedial concrete works.


Key Aspects: 
Repair of the front fender and cross head beams using hydro demolition and dry spray gunite techniques.
Repair of steel piles and sheet pile wall using various techniques including concrete encasement and protective jacketing (Denso ‘Seashield’).
Additional protection was provided in the form of three independent impressed current cathodic protection systems.
Two discrete titanium anode systems for the crosshead and front fender beams and one fully submerged, specially coated titanium anode system for both the steel piles and sheet pile wall.