D&C of ICCP for Webb Dock East

Port of Melbourne Operations Pty Ltd
Melbourne VIC
Freyssinet Australia Pty Ltd
Sep 2019 to Mar 2020

D&C of ICCP for Webb Dock East


As part of the Port of Melbourne’s ALWC (Accelerated Low Water Corrosion) protection program, Freyssinet were engaged to design, install, commission and monitor an ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) system to protect the submerged sheet piles at Webb Dock East Berth 1.

This berth is used daily by ships transporting goods between Victoria and Tasmania and normal shipping operations were maintained throughout the works. 

Key Aspects: 
A bespoke access system was used to work within the narrow space between the wharf face and the berthed vessels.
Diving works included underwater welding and installation of all submerged ICCP components.
Additional protection to anodes subject to thrust was designed to ensure long term operation under harsh conditions.
The installation included sourcing the electrical supply from the adjacent wharf approximately 230m away. The current is then distributed from Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU) along the wharf within a PVC cable tray system to reduce the risk of corrosion and provide longevity.