Parramatta Light Rail Groundbed Upgrade Works

CPB Downer JV
Paramatta NSW
Mar 2020 to Apr 2020

Parramatta Light Rail Groundbed Upgrade Works


This project involved the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a replacement electrolysis current drainage system using a new anode groundbed.

As part of the PLR project, the heavy rail system had to be removed, including all drainage bonds and TRADs in the area. As such, in order to maintain protection of the Caltex HPL pipeline, Freyssinet Australia had to design a system that would simulate the effect that the drainage bond would have on the pipeline.


Key Aspects: 
Freyssinet undertook all site testing and managed the design of a suitable earth bed. Following this, Freyssinet installed the new earthbed, commissioned it as per the Electrolysis Committee Standards and had it registered with the NSW Electrolysis Committee (of which Freyssinet is a sitting member).
The works were carried out without interruption to the PLR project whilst ensuring the integrity of the HPL pipeline at all times.