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New Grafton Bridge - Additional Crossing of the Clarence River

New Grafton Bridge - Additional Crossing of the Clarence River

NSW Government - Transport for NSW
Grafton NSW

Key Aspects

Freyssinet involvement on this project includes erection of 176 nos. precast segments involving specialist and post-tensioning equipments, supply and installation of cantilever post-tensioning works and supply and installation of temporary and permanent bridge bearings and expansion joints. The scope of work also included supply of specialist equipment designed and fabricated for the project: lifting beams, pier bracket, stitch form and stitch beams, stressing platforms, jack handling frame, jacks for end spans erection on falsework, epoxy and o-rings and temporary PT and related hydraulic jacks and pumps. The bridge was opened to traffic on 12th of December, 2019.
Grafton Bridge is located across the Clarence River in Grafton, New South Wales. After an
inspection in October 2008 it was found out that the bridge cannot withstand the increasing
volume of traffic. To improve traffic efficiency between existing Grafton and South Grafton,
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) decided to deliver an additional crossing over Clarence
River. The parallel New Grafton Bridge located 70 meters east of the first bridge is composed
of two lanes and has been designed to increase up to four lanes depending on the traffic
demands. The new bridge is 525 meters long and is composed of 2 super-tee approach
spans, 2 end spans (box girder) and 5 mid-spans (box girder).