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Nepean River Footbridge

Nepean River Footbridge

Nepean River Footbridge
Sydney NSW

Key Aspects

Detailed launching sequence: truss position and geometry including deflection to determine clearances and required support heights, calculation of support reactions.
Detailed design, supply and installation of the launching system including: strand jacks at abutment to provide pulling force for launching, launching beams with lifting jacks (400T - 400mm stroke) on teflon sliding shoes, stainless steel sliding tracks on abutment and temporary piers, cradles on top of lifting jacks and fixed supports, guiding track inside workshop for rollers support, roller supports in workshop using 4 x 100T jacks each.
Proof testing of the truss supporting cradles (rubber/paint interface, structural stability of cradle and truss bottom chord).
Operation of the 9 x 25m launches including: survey control of support locations, launching truss using 2 x 50T strand jacks powered by a heavy lift pump, transfer of load to fixed supports, resetting of launch beams and changing of shimming arrangements.

The Nepean River Footbridge is a new bridge in Penrith, NSW that provides a safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists over the Nepean River and improve connections to existing and future shared paths, including the Great River Walk. The main span is a 200m long steel truss that was prefabricated and tramsported to site. Each truss bay of 25m was assembled on site and incrementally launched across the river. Two temporary steel piers were erected in the river to provide support during the launching operations. Freyssinet Australia was contracted to provide design assistance on the launching methodology as well as performing the launching activities on site. Freyssinet also designed, supplied and installed 10 pot bearings, 4 for the truss and 6 for the approach span. The Nepean River Bridge has the longest main span of any shared path bridge in Australia.