Low Level Bridge Replacement Program

BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Limited
Perth WA
May 2019 to Apr 2020

Low Level Bridge Replacement Program


The Low Level Bridge Replacement Program consists of the replacement of seven (7) existing steel bridges on the BHP Newman Main Rail with new concrete culvert structures to ensure sustainable, safe operation of the railway and to consider future haul capacity expansion. 

Due to the clients operating requirements, each bridge has to be replaced within a twelve (12) hour shutdown window. Each new concrete bridge is constructed offline approximately 10 meters adjacent to the existing bridge. 

Freyssinet is engaged to lift and slide the existing bridge out of the rail alignment, and lift, slide and lower the new bridge into final position in the rail alignment with tight installation tolerances within a two (2) hour duration in order that the subsequent rail and finishing works could be completed on time. 

Key Aspects: 
The new concrete bridge culverts included 1 x 6 span, 1 x 5 span bridge and 5 x 4 span bridges, the largest weighing approx. 600T. Bridges are lifted with locking collar hydraulic jacks and slid using rollers and strand jacks.
Additional Freyssinet scope of works include design, fabrication, supply and installation of temporary works for both types of structures, and temporary post tensioning with Freyssibars.
The first bridge replacement (6 span) was completed on the 3rd of July 2019, with the 2nd one week later. The remaining bridges are scheduled within shutdowns over the next 6 months.