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Fern St Launch Bridge - Gerringong

Fern St Launch Bridge - Gerringong

Roads & Maritime Services - NSW Government
Design and Construct
Sydney NSW

Key Aspects

Technical assistance with launch design and methods.
Supply of specialized material and equipment (78 tons launch nose, 1000 tons launching jacks).
Installation of 150 tons post-tensioning strands.
Launching operations.
Design, supply and installation of 16 units stainless launch-over Pot Bearings.
Erection and dismantling of cast yard, temporary pier and launch nose.
Supply and installation of WP250 Expansion Joints.

Design and construction of a 347m incrementally launched concrete bridge along the Princess Highway West of Gerringong and spanning over the existing South Coast railway crossing. This bridge was always identified as a key area of risks for the project and the launch bridge solution provided many benefits: - Reduction of environmental impact of the adjacent protected wetlands. - No need for road closure nor rail closure. - Elimination of many high-risk work activities. - More aesthetic pleasing structure: longer spans, slender structure. - Significant reduction of maintenance requirements.