Anzac Bridge

Glebe NSW
Jan 1992 to Dec 1995

Anzac Bridge


The Anzac Bridge, replacing the Glebe Island Bridge, represented the newest landmark bridge in Australia at time of erection and is now a major feature on the Sydney skyline. Located in the Pyrmont area of Sydney this 350m central span, cable stayed bridge links Victoria Road with Pyrmont, Ultimo and the Sydney CBD. It is the longest bridge in Australia to use the cable stayed structural form when it was constructed. Freyssinet were selected to undertake the supply and installation of various new engineering technologies required to complete the construction of this landmark bridge.

Key Aspects: 
Stay cables to the main deck
Post-tensioning to the main deck and approach viaducts
Rock anchors
All heavy lifts utilised Freyssinet’s L180 centre hole heavy lift jacks specifically adapted for failsafe lifting of such structures. The system was used 25 times throughout the project varying in weight from 100 to 300 tonnes. Each jack has a safe working capacity of 180 tonnes and is powered by a purpose built electric hydraulic pump unit which can independently control up to 4 jacks at once so that lifting and lowering can be carried with a high degree of accuracy and speed.
The form traveller used to construct the overwater deck segments was 30m long and 32m wide and weighed 280 tonnes