Wind Turbine Foundation Repair

- SA
Jul 2019 to Jul 2020

Wind Turbine Foundation Repair


Freyssinet were engaged to complete repair works to wind turbine foundations at a windfarm in South Australia.

Movement at the base of the wind turbines had been detected and the source of the movement was examined. Upon investigation it was determined that water ingress between the foundation and turbine interface had been exacerbating the movement and creating voids.

Freyssinet’s works involved stabilisation of the turbines through repairs to the foundations and prevention of future water ingress to the foundation-turbine interface.  

Key Aspects: 
Excavation of turbine foundation and removal of existing concrete collar
Coring of 1.5m holes into foundation and injection of epoxy resin
Epoxy crack injection of radial cracks in foundation
Concrete repairs to defective concrete caused by turbine movement
Coating of corroded steel turbine sections
Installation of structural plinth around turbine circumference to assist in bracing against further movement
Installation of waterproofing membrane between foundation and turbine