Willoughby Incinerator Refurbishment

Willoughby City Council
Willoughby NSW
Feb 2007 to Nov 2010

Willoughby Incinerator Refurbishment


This building was completed in 1934 and designed by Walter Burley Griffin of Griffin and Nicholls. It was closed in 1967 and transformed for commercial use in 1979 until the building was damaged in fire in 1996. In 2006, Willoughby Council was given a grant to refurbish the heritage listed building. The original building was a sandstone and reinforced concrete building containing a one-unit reverberatory incinerator and sewage dump.

Key Aspects: 
Initial Concrete Testing and Investigation, traditional concrete repair, installation of cathodic protection system, demolition of the chimney and reconstruction, bulk excavation, construction of lift shaft and tunnel.
The Cathodic protection was installed to the concrete slabs, gables and the reconstructed chimney.
Removal of spalled concreted through hydrodemolition, ensuring continuity of the steel and shotcreting.
Bulk excavation works involved bracing of the Sandstone wall and testing and classification of the soil.
Demolition and reconstruction of the chimney incorporated provision access to the chimney and inspection, original profile matching and matching the original height of the chimney.
Additional challenges included State heritage significance, environmental constraints and community relations.