Australia Square Tower Façade Remediation

Dexus Property Group
Sydney NSW
Jun 2018 to Apr 2019

Australia Square Tower Façade Remediation


Access was the critical aspect of this project to ensure works were carried out in safe manner. A combination of a swing stage and a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) were used. High risk of falling objects was mitigated with in-depth training and induction of our site crew, as well as customised encapsulation of the BMU and swing stage. Some of the works had to be carried out at night to limit noise during working hours. Noise encapsulation was used to also limit noise around the adjoining buildings. Texture and colour matching of the repairs with the existing surface aggregate was completed using our customised product mix design.


Key Aspects: 
Removal and reinstatement of all sealant joints (15,000m).
Concrete repair of pre-cast façade panels (4,000 litres).
Surface preparation and application of silane coating on all exposed façade panels (18,000m²).
Design, fabrication and installation of new louvre windows at the upper plant room (200m²).