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What a difference a month makes!

What a difference a month makes!

8 Mar 2021

Recently we were excited to show you the first images of the new access system being installed on one of our ACP replacement projects in the heart of Parramatta.

4 weeks later and we now see a dramatically different view of the same facade, following the great progress from our delivery team. Our team has already removed over 4000m2 of non-compliant ACP cladding in just under 20 days!

With Parramatta train station, the bus exchange, and the newly constructed Parramatta Square precinct all bordering the project, safe execution of the work is paramount, and meticulous planning has ensured these large cladding panels were safely removed without incident.

Working on live facilities, in high visibility environments, whilst delivering the level of quality and safety upon which Freyssinet Australia has built its reputation… It’s what we do, every day, on every project, for everybody.