Condition assessment

Condition assessment

Freyssinet is committed to the philosophy that all structural rehabilitation solutions must be based on thorough investigation of the cause and the extent of the deterioration and distress. Because of this commitment, we can offer clients a complete diagnostic investigation and analysis service using the latest techniques and equipment.

To ensure complete impartiality, much of this work, particularly any recommendations for repair work, is done through several consultants with whom we work closely. Once this stage is complete, we can then proceed to produce a complete proposal for the required monitoring, repair and/or strengthening work.

Our inspection services are:

  • Cement content sampling.
  • Half-cell mapping.
  • Carbonation depth on external surface.
  • Chloride ion sampling and analysis.
  • Concrete condition and integrity assessment.
  • Crack survey and measurement.
  • Core sampling.
  • Compressive testing.
  • Wall thickness.
  • Concrete surface erosion or cracking.
  • Delamination survey.
  • Concrete cover to reinforcement.
  • Evidence of steel corrosion and sulphate attack on concrete surface.
  • Cost and feasibility studies.

As part of the investigation and analysis service, we can provide clients with:

  • Preliminary cost estimates.
  • Feasibility proposals, including monitoring and investigation techniques, repair methods and types of products available.