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Brickwork repairs

Brickwork repairs

Freyssinet have developed considerable expertise in the repair and restoration of heritage structures. The company offers a range of services in this field:

  • Cleaning – using a range of methods for all materials, including pressure washing through to patented dry and wet process and powder cleaning.
  • Render repairs, replacement and new brickwork, including heritage features.
  • Timber windows – repair and/or replacement of heritage windows.
  • Lead paint management (PCCP5 accredited).
  • Copper and lead repairs and new installation.

We offer also the following services for brickwork repairs:

  • Brickwork – structural repairs, pinning and repointing.
  • Brick expansion repairs.
  • Brickwork reconstruction.
  • Brickwork cleaning and poulticing.
  • Marble and stone indenting.
  • Cathodic protection of embedded steelwork (lintels).
  • Masonry repointing and tuckpointing.
  • Brick tie installation.
  • Strengthening and reinforcing – CFRP.