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Corrosion Management

Freyssinet can provide cathodic protection, cathodic prevention, realkalisation (Regebeton™) and electrochemical remediation systems for a range of structures, including reinforced and post-tensioned concrete structures, steel structures, bridges, wharves, jetties and buried pipelines. Our service can begin at survey and inspection to determine the cause, extent and rate of deterioration, after which advice is then given as to the options available to repair the structure selecting the appropriate quality and resources for a balanced package with design lives from 10 to 100 years.

Freyssinet has a team of ACA Certified Corrosion Technicians and Technologists to provide expert advise for your structures.

Our Services

  • Main Contractor Capabilities
  • In-house Design Services
  • Installation
  • Access & Temporary Work Platforms
  • Cathodic Protection supply, installation, commissioning and system maintenance
  • Additional remediation works
  • Environmental controls

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