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Structural monitoring

Advitam, a member of the Soletanche Freyssinet Group, develops expertise and systems in the fields of inspection, monitoring, and maintenance management of civil structures. Since 1999, Advitam has integrated structural monitoring systems worldwide for concessionaires, structure owners, managers and researchers. Advitam has developed many custom structural monitoring applications, working with in-house or industrial technologies, methodologies, involving public and private partners, and integrating up to date real time structural management principles and systems.

Structual Health Monitoring with EverSense

EverSense® is a range of products and services dedicated to instrumentation, real-time monitoring and diagnosis of structures, through the centralised measurement of geometry, forces, dynamic behavior, environment and aging.

EverSense® is compatible with any static or dynamic sensor, such as those used for :

  • Aging : corrosion, fatigue, sudden failure, etc.
  • Environment : weather, earthquakes, temperature, traffic, etc.
  • Forces : in steel, concrete, stay cables, etc.
  • Geometry and movement : position, displacement, tilt, acceleration, etc.

We offer the following services:

  • The definition of diagnostic or long-term instruments
  • The design, installation and maintenance of instruments
  • The management and treatment of monitoring data, and daily supervision of sites
  • The development of new sensors, measurement systems, and automatic control systems
  • Custom training

ScanPrint Infrastructure Management System

ScanPrint software suite is divided into two groups of business-oriented applications:

  • inventory and asset management applications
  • inspection and preventive maintenance applications

ScanPrint makes it possible:

  • to unite all involved parties around a single centralised system
  • to gradually evolve management practices by allowing the selection of the required modules on an case-by-case basis
  • to save up to 80% of time on analysis, reporting and data exchange
  • to improve the quality and relevance of inspections in a comprehensive preventive approach
  • to justify the maintenance budgets on the basis of concrete information from the field

Our Services

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