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Developed by Freyssinet, worldwide leader in prestressing activities, the Freyssibar prestressing system comprises a wide range of threaded bars and associated anchoring, coupling and extension devices.

The Bars

The bars are hot rolled from high strength alloyed steel. They are subsequently cold worked by stretching and then threaded over their full length or on the extremities by cold rolling. The standard range of nominal diameters is: 26.5; 32; 36; 40 and 50 mm. Non-standard diameter bars can be delivered on request.

The fabrication process provides a high quality thread ensuring high fatigue resistance and a low susceptiblity to stress corrosion.

The nature of the Freyssibar manufacturing method also ensures that every single bar is stress tested to 85% of the guaranteed ultimate tensile strength of the bar.

The geometry of the thread is specifically designed to ensure ease of use on site, providing fast, accurate and easy tightening.

Bars are available in maximum lengths of 11.8 meters. Beyond this length, extension sleeves allow bars to be connected together. Anchorages and accessories for Freyssibars are available.

Our Services

  • In-house Design Services
  • Freyssibar Installation
  • Access & Temporary Work Platforms
  • Freyssibar Supply
  • Permanent or temporary prestressing
  • Holding down bolts for cranes, wind turbines, etc.
  • Bridge construction systems
  • Ground and rock anchors
  • Rock bolts for geotechnical
  • Mining
  • Tunnelling works
  • Heavy lifting
  • Tie rods for marine works
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