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Bridge Products

Freyssinet offers an end-to-end range of bearings designed to meet the working constraints of each structure.

Our Products

  • Banded elastomeric bearings
  • TETRON CD pot bearings
  • TETRON SB spherical bearings
  • Special bearings

Our Services

  • In-house Design
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Bearing Installation
  • Bearing Supply
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Freyssinet's expansion joints are designed to allow for continuous traffic between two structures by accommodating any movements in the structures caused by creep, shrinkage, temperature variations and deformation during service.

Freyssinet offers an extensive range of small and large-movement, bituminous, metal, elastomeric and modular expansion joints for road and railway structures.

Our Products

  • Viajoint bituminous expansion joint
  • CIPEC metal expansion joints
  • Elastomeric expansion joints
  • Modular expansion joints
  • TRANSPEC 4-18 joints for rail-based crash barriers
  • Railway expansion joints

Our Services

  • Inhouse Design
  • Expansion Joint Replacement
  • Expansion Joint Installation
  • Expansion Joint Supply
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The Freyssinet flat jack is a thin hydraulic device capable of developing considerable forces in a simple and economic manner. The Freyssinet flat jack is a deformable steel capsule made out of two cold-formed steel halves welded together, presenting a circumferential circular toric rim. Two pipe fittings, one of which serves as a vent, allowing a fluid to be injected under pressure toopen the jack up to the height of the rim.

  • Loading of supports and foundation grounds: Flat jacks enable the transfer of loads with pre-determined values onto new supports used to strengthen the structure or the foundation ground
  • Thrust control: Arches can by loaded by exerting a thrust at their abutments or at the crown. Their deformations can be compensated or the distribution of bending moments can be improved
  • Compensation of deformation: In certain cases the variation in length due to shrinkage and to shortening of prestressed concrete must be compensated and this can be done by the action of flat jacks inserted in joints
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